Penguin Parade Be Part Of It !!













Menno Baars signature copyright 2016

Penguin Parade, be part of it !!


Penguin Parade is a colourful exhibition showcasing unique penguin sculptures, originals and reproductions. Each penguin stands for an endless love artwork.


Artist Menno Baars: "Unconditional love has changed my world view as if affairs are like birds in the sky. Although penguins can not fly, they present for me a number of elements that must be present and respected for a couple to find true love. Male penguins will patiently wait for months while their female partners walk to the water and then return to them. True love cannot exist without patience. And for the love of their partners, the penguins are prepared to lay down their own lives. In the mean time they just hop around, wabble and huddle, flapping occasionally and slide on their stomach. Because these brash birds may have that unconditional feeling which is so innocent and at the same time so full of sacrifice I realized that I could learn from their example and I made these sculptures to be able to come a little bit closer. Each penguin sculpture has two faces as a metaphor of love and devotion. You only can give your heart once a life time. Therefore my penguin friends are unique, as love is; there are no substitutes, no copies."

Each original contains only one unique hand made and hand painted penguin sculpture by artist Menno Baars. The Penguin Parade guarantees the unique value of each sculpture by means of an inserted electronic chip and an associated passport. Each original has its own name and an appropriate poem.