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Menno Baars, painter & sculptor


artist Menno Baars penguin parade

Renowned Dutch artist Menno Baars uses colours instinctively, without associating them with a definite symbolism of even his own invention. There is no limit to its sensuality; it grows richer and richer, in a triumphant, exuberant warmth; greens, reds, blues, and luminous violets exalting the shrill carmines, vermilions, and yellows; and still more sumptuous when the vividness is heightened by applying pastels and earth tones. Here is an artist who obviously enjoys painting, who delights in the very physicality of paint and its manifold expressive qualities. He loves the immediacy of the procedure. His painting is very instinctive, wildly and unbridled. It contributes to the greatest dynamics and creativity for winning out over all forms of regression and filled with optimism. The work of Baars has been incorporated in the collections of celebrities and royal families. A well-known work is the large canvas Understanding New York, which is exhibited permanently at JFK Airport New York.

Before such a feast for the eyes one forgets that penguins unite both joy and tragedy. Menno: "Penguins are threatened. Penguin populations have decreased by nearly 80 percent in some areas due to climate change. In Antarctica, home to the famous emperor penguin, the annual sea ice melting season has extended by as much as 3 weeks in recent decades. Less ice means less habitat for penguins and the loss of critical food. I don't think I I ever had anything which affected me much more. My painting is an extension of this concern."


Paul Slangen, general manager


Paul Slangen general manager Penguin Parade



Paul Slangen is the general manager of the Penguin Parade©. He is the driving force behind the organization and the concept. He is engaged in the sales and promotion of the Penguin Parade.


He runs the complete production unit of all the penguin statues, which is situated in the Netherlands. He develops all new statues and new articles which are sold in the collection of the Penguin Parade. All items of the Penguin Parade are made in our own workshop. He takes care of all authenticity papers, the passports and chipping of the penguins as well as the packaging.

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Arun Paul, sales manager


Arun Paul sales manager USA and Canada of the Penguin Parade




Arun Paul is sales manager USA and Canada. Arun left Lisbon Portugal after running a successful fashion and design agency for many years. In Coconut Grove, Florida he opened an Architectural Antique Gallery featuring Asian Antiques among others. A few years later he became Managing Director of the FP Art Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida where they specialized in Cuban Art from Artists who were living and working in Cuba. He then diversified into a wider range of Contemporary Art including Photography and Sculpture and set up his own gallery Arune 5 Art. He continues to work with a wide variety of International Art and Artists and is always looking for the next big thing.

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Gerard Beense, poet


mr. Gerard Beense Penguin Parade 2013



" Waddle from the water with rock n' roll, we go parading on a wintry stroll! "


Dutch poet Mr. Gerard Beense made himself a visionary through a long, boundless, and systematized disorganization of all the senses. Thinking of mr. Beense's poems about happiness can help lift you out of your gloom and put you in a better state. Poetry is a beautiful form of art which combines meaning and aesthetic evocative qualities together. Poetry is able to evoke both emotional response and humorous experience.  Mr. Beense has written to all penguins from the Penguin Parade appropriate poems because he supports the importance of eternal love and our concern that the penguins are threatened with extinction.

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